MJCET Batch of 1993-1997, 25th Anniversary Reunion Event at Michigan, USA on 29th October 2022

Day of Travel and Coming Together. The CSE90 travelled from every corner of the US and Canada to see their dear friends again. Largest get together after thirty-three years. Few have not seen each other since college, most for many years. The members arrived throughout the day. Mood was ecstatic, hugs were bear like, smiles were omnipresent.

Our dear friend, Mannan had opened his house for everyone to get together and personally prepared a feast of Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani, Beef and Chicken Seekh Kabobs, Bagara Baigan, Dahi Chutney, Falooda and Aab Shola. It was an evening that will be cherished for a very long time by everyone.

8 batchmates sitting in 1 room, pulled up their socks and decided to gather the class of MJ97 to meet and reignite the bond that linked us all. Time to start, plan & organize the reunion. After much deliberation, it was decided to select Detroit, Michigan as the place to execute this reunion as majority of us live in this area.

As the African proverb goes “For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for today”, the seven batchmates along with their respective spouses formed the organizing committee and started the planning for the 25year reunion of the MJ97 batchmates.

The reunion event was kicked off by creating a WhatsApp group ‘MJ97 Reunion’ to bring the batchmates together. As friends start joining the group, they in turn added more batchmates they knew and in a matter of couple of weeks we had +130 batchmates connected.

A 2nd WhatsApp group of the organizing committee was created, and the committee met twice a week to plan and execute the reunion. Scouting of event venue, group discounted hotels for accommodation, food vendors, reunion T-shirt contest among batchmates, activities for batchmate’s families including kids, swag bag, event souvenir & main event structured program – all planned and executed.

12 weeks later (from August 6th gathering) – the Reunion event happened on 29th October 2022 with 44 batchmates representing all 5 faculties attended with their families, a total guest count of +100. The main event was followed by next day with an unstructured get together with batchmates over middle eastern food for brunch. Highlight of the afternoon was batchmates wearing the specially designed event specific t-shirts.

Everyone who attend the event left with a feeling of wanting more and a trip to nostalgia that never felt so good.

In all we had 2 batchmates who flew in from Hyderabad, India – 3 who drove from Canada and about 30 batchmates flew or drove from across 10 states of US (OH, IL, MO, PA, DE, NJ, GA, WV, TX, CA). Inspired by the enthusiasm in the group and seeing pictures of batchmates landing in Detroit, we had about 6 additional batchmates, despite their family & work commitments, flew in and drove on the day of the event.

Below are the batchmates who joined us at Farmington Hills, Michigan on 29th October 2022, for the 1993-97 batch 25-year anniversary reunion.

Civil Engineering 18 attendees including 8 lady batchmates:

Mohammed Hamed Sharief (IL), Haseeb Khan (Chicago, IL), Mohiuddin Shaik Feroze (WV), Taha Abdullah (IL), Mubahsir Naseer (MI), Hatim Ali Kader (MI), Miskeen Mohammed (Windsor, Canada), Fiaz Khan (IL), Etemaduddin Arshad (OH) & Fazeel Mohammed (MO).

Sisters: Deepa Pakal (NJ), Sameena Sultana (TX), Sheeba Thaha (OH), Shireesha Devabhaktuni (TX), Sridevi Chennuri (DE), Zakia Qureshi (TX), Rubina Tabassum (WV) & Atiya Akbar (Toronto, Canada)

CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) 3 attendees including 1 lady batchmate:

Abdul Hamed (GA), Syed Abdul Wajid (TX),
Sister: Badar Javeed (MI)

ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering) 2 attendees:

Sadiq Mohiuddin (CA), Syed Afsar Pasha (MI)

Mechanical Engineering 11 attendees:

Ataur Rahman Mohammed (FL), Abdul Hameed (IL), Syed Ilyasuddin (Haseeb CA), Junaid Asif Ali (CA), Mansoor Menon (Hyderabad), Syed Mateen (Toronto Canada), Riaz Ahmed Mohammed (MI), Syed Samiullah (PA), Suhail Hashim (OH), Wahaj Ahmed (MI), Mohammed Wasif (IL),

Production Engineering 10 attendees including 1 lady batchmate:

Mohammed Owais Ali (MI), Shahebaz Malik (PA), Syed Habeeb Ahmed (GA), Sameer Shaikh (IL), Mogul Akbar Baig (MI), Shaikh Mohammed Ghias Ahmed (TX), Salman Mohiuddin (OH), Mohammed Abdul Mannan Siddiqui (MI), Mohammed Pervez Ali (Hyderabad)

Sister: Rana Tarranum (CA),

Other MJCET Alumni:

We were also fortunate to have in our event few more MJCET alumni, spouses of MJ-97 batchmates. Br. Baseer Mohammed 1992 batch Civil (Toronto, Canada). Br. Hyder Hussain 1996 batch Mechanical (OH) and Sister Farhat Unnisa 1998 batch Computer Science & Enginnering (CA).

Planning and Host families for the Event:

Mrs. Badar Javeed & Mr. Riaz Ahmed Mohammed, Mrs. & Mr. Mohammed Owais Ali, Mrs. & Mr. Wahaj Ahmed, Mrs. & Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mannan Siddiqui, Mrs. & Mr. Mogul Akbar Baig – all Michiganders and Mrs. & Mr. Suhail Hashim (OH)

MJCET Batch of 1993-1997, 25th Anniversary Reunion Event at Michigan, USA on 29th October 2022, attended by 44 batchmates representing all 5 faculties.

Row Left to Right:
Hatim Ali Kader, Salman Mohiuddin, Taha Abdullah, Mohammed Wasif, Syed Habeeb Ahmed, Shahebaz Malik, Mogul Akbar Baig, Etemaduddin Arshad, Abdul Hamid, Syed Mateen, Syed Afsar Pasha.

2nd Row Left to Right:
Mohammed Miskeen, Sameer Shaik, Afroze Qasim (DCET, ’97 batchmate spouse), Mohammed Ataur Rahman, Hamed Sharief, Mubashir Naseer, Feroze Mohiuddin Shaik, Fiaz Khan, Syed Ilyasuddin Haseeb, Syed Samiullah, Abdul Hameed, Junaid Asif Ali, Mohammed Ghias Ahmed, Mohammed Pervez Ali

Seated on the chairs, Left to Right:
Abdul Wajid, Wahaj Ahmed, Mohammed Owais Ali, Mohammed Riaz Ahmed, Suhail Hashim, Mohammed Abdul Mannan Siddiqui, Sadiq Mohiuddin, Mansoor Menon, Haseeb Khan & Hyder Hussain (senior, ’97 batchmate spouse)

Sister Batchmates:
Sameena Sultana, Deepa Pakal, Sridevi Channuri, Rubina Tabassum, Atiya Akbar, Zakia Qureshi, Rana Tarranum, Shireesha Devabhaktuni, Badar Javeed & Sheeba Thaha,

MJCET 1993-1997 batch, Civil Engineering 18 attendees:

Left to Right:
Mohiuddin Shaik Feroze (WV), Miskeen Mohammed (Windsor, Canada), Fiaz Khan (IL), Mubahsir Naseer (MI), Etemaduddin Arshad (OH), Mohammed Hamed Sharief (IL), Haseeb Khan (Chicago, IL), , Taha Abdullah (IL), Hatim Ali Kader (MI), & due to flight delay, arrived after group photo Fazeel Mohammed (MO).

Sameena Sultana (TX), Deepa Pakal (NJ), Sridevi Chennuri (DE), Rubina Tabassum (WV), Atiya Akbar (Toronto, Canada), Zakia Qureshi (TX), Shireesha Devabhaktuni (TX) & Sheeba Thaha (OH),

MJCET 1993-1997 batch, Computer Science & Engineering 3 attendees:

Left to Right:
Syed Abdul Wajid (TX), Abdul Hamed (GA), and Sister: Badar Javeed (MI)

MJCET 1993-1997 batch, Electronic & Communication Engineering 2 attendees:

Left to Right:
Sadiq Mohiuddin (CA), Syed Afsar Pasha (MI),

MJCET 1993-1997 batch, Mechanical Engineering 11 attendees:

Left to Right:
Mohammed Wasif (IL), Abdul Hameed (IL), Mohammed Ataur Rahman (FL),

Seated on the chairs, Left to Right:
Syed Samiullah (PA), Syed Ilyasuddin (Haseeb CA), Mansoor Menon (Hyderabad), Riaz Ahmed Mohammed (MI), Suhail Hashim (OH), Wahaj Ahmed (MI), Syed Mateen (Toronto Canada), Junaid Asif Ali (CA),

MJCET 1993-1997 batch, Production Engineering 10 attendees:

Left to Right:
Shahebaz Malik (PA), Mohammed Owais Ali (MI), Syed Habeeb Ahmed (GA),

Seated on the chairs, Left to Right:
Shaikh Mohammed Ghias Ahmed (TX), Salman Mohiuddin (OH), Sameer Shaikh (IL), Mohammed Abdul Mannan Siddiqui (MI), Mogul Akbar Baig (MI), Mohammed Pervez Ali (Hyderabad) And Sister: Rana Tarranum (CA),