Hafez Mohammed Nooruddin Saleem

Asslamu Alaikum WRBT,

It's a great pleasure and honor to inform you all that our very dear and respectable friend Hafez Mohammed Nooruddin Saleem has reached a landmark of 50 years of continuosly leading Taraweeh Prayers without a miss at the same Masjid e Sajida Begum. Its a rare feat and honor bestowed upon him by the Blessings of Allah SWT.

He started in 1975. If we go by Hijri calender, it is already past 50 Taraweehs. Allah SWT has conferred upon him such sincerity and dedication which I have been witness to from school to college days and the years till now. He is Alumni of MJCET, Class of 1987, ECE. As Mutawalli of mosque, he arranges, scholarly every week Dars e Quran and Hadees by very respectable scholars. He himself makes Dars e Quran everyday after Fajr everyday. All these are broadcast very promptly on different Social Media platforms like Youtube, Whattsapp, etc. with a reach of thousands around the globe.

On this Great occasion, there is an icing on the cake too, that his better half has just completed ' Hifz e Quran' recently. A feat also at this age.

May Allah SWT give both of them more Quwwa to continue their honorable works and also accept all their efforts, ibadahs and good deeds. I feel lucky to be in India this time on this Memorable occassion of my dearest friend.

Attached is a laudatory expression for the momentous occasion, and hoping it worthy of the of the occasion without measuring the meters of Poetry.

I hope you all will join in congratulating our dear friend Hafez Nooruddin Saleem .