Sep 23 - Reunion Day 1

Day of Travel and Coming Together. The CSE90 travelled from every corner of the US and Canada to see their dear friends again. Largest get together after thirty-three years. Few have not seen each other since college, most for many years. The members arrived throughout the day. Mood was ecstatic, hugs were bear like, smiles were omnipresent.

Our dear friend, Mannan had opened his house for everyone to get together and personally prepared a feast of Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani, Beef and Chicken Seekh Kabobs, Bagara Baigan, Dahi Chutney, Falooda and Aab Shola. It was an evening that will be cherished for a very long time by everyone.

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Sep 24 - Reunion Day 2

The Real Reunion Day. The day was full of cheer, joy and outright giddy happiness. The day started with the real authentic Paya Nehari prepared by Mannan’s family with freshly baked Naan and Injera along with unlimited supply of Niloufer chai courtesy of Mukarram. The morning also included the gift exchanges between friends.

Even though the original plan for afternoon was to go Horse Riding, everyone chose to rather spend the time together indoors, so, out came the Karaoke machine and everyone unleashed their inner Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore. Few feisty souls jumped into the pool. The epicurean Chefs of the group whipped up a BBQ of freshly caught Trout by Naseer, homemade zesty burgers by Zakeer along with the Best Luqmi of Dallas followed by Double ka Mitha and Gajar ka Halwa courtesy of Mukarram.

Then it was the Showtime. Even though a formal session was planned, the impromptu fashion show began. It is funny how quickly men can get ready…one min, they were lounging around in pajamas on the couches and in few minutes, everyone is in their Sherwanis, Jodhpuris and Suits (all still with pajama bottoms). The photoshoot that followed is epic and one for the ages.

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Sep 25 - Reunion Day 3

Who says you can’t have Haleem for breakfast Day. The day started with preparing the most delicious Haleem and prepping for road trip. The group piled into three vehicles and the five-hour scenic drive to Roosevelt dam began. The drive became very memorable by the reminiscing stories of the time after the college.

The evening came and it was time to start saying goodbyes. Few sets of people left by the evening. And the rest went out on town for an authentic Yemeni Mandi, best of Phoenix. By midnight, only few remained for the last day of the reunion.

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Sep 26 - Reunion Day 4

The Alvida Day. The few remaining cleaned the rental house and left the house spotless but with lifelong of inerasable memories. The final reunion brunch was at Hajibaba, the best Koobideh Kabob of Phoneix.

Onto the next reunion in future…

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